When I was younger, I used to think that being a man meant you had to be able to physically dominate every situation should the need arise.
My reasoning was that if push comes to shove (literally), a physical altercation is the ultimate trump card.
Doesn’t matter how much money you have or how much of a smooth talker you are, if the other guy or group of guys wants to fight or kill you, you better know what you’re doing.
And while this is an attractive idea because of it’s simplicity, it’s really not relevant if you live in the civilized world.
It’s rare to get into a physical fight.
Eventually I began to believe that talking your way out of a situation is the ultimate skill.
You can reduce a massive roided out juicemonkey like this guy to a little boy if you can talk circles around him. Even if he has his little bear with him.
But interestingly enough, people seem to latch onto the idea of muscles and being physically impressive (or violent), probably as a way to excuse their own lack of physical discipline.
Sure, they’ll admit that it doesn’t matter in a logical conversation.
But put them into an altercation with someone and their adrenaline will pump and they’ll kowtow in a hurry to get out.
And it’s not like they can do exposure therapy. Probably not a lot of roided out Russian dudes with pet bears they can practice on.
Although social media is starting to have me believe otherwise.

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