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So in the past few weeks I’ve been using special “scraping” software that collects contact pages of websites. Then once you have a list, there’s another function of the software that fills them all out pretty much all at once.

Kind of a nice way to bypass the spam filter. The guy who invented it is a genius.

Anyway, since I started using it I’ve refined my intro email to one that gets a fairly good response.

Basically my strategy is to come right out and say what I want from these people, which is to manage their Instagram account.

I tell them all the things that I’ll do for them, which is a lot, and then I give them a pretty ridiculous offer that sounds “too good to be true,” but actually isn’t.

To prove that I’m a real person, I include a few links to my social media accounts. LinkedIn, FB, a few Insta pages that I manage.

And this account as well.

One day I got a response from a guy who said, “I looked at your accounts, and it seems like you know what you’re doing. But I find your obsession with women with big asses disgusting.”

Now first of all, it’s not an obsession. And second of all, it’s not women with big asses. It’s girls who have muscles but still manage to retain some of their femininity.

On /fit/ we call this a “wheyfu” which is a play on words of a “waifu.” If you don’t know what that is, then I’m gonna let you Google it.

I wanted to tell this guy that biologically, men aren’t attracted to big asses so much as they are the shape of the curve in the lower back. Evolutionary a pronounced curve and bubble butt signaled that the woman could carry heavy shit or something. I don’t really remember.

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