Chasing the summer

After spending the past year in a perpetual summer, we’re finally coming up on the winter months in the western hemisphere. Can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to that.
The month in LA and month in NYC and month in Tel Aviv have been great. But soon it’s going to get cold and rainy and the level of Vitamin D in my blood is going to take a hit.
I don’t really want that to happen.
So I have to think to myself: is the benefit to staying in the civilized world for the next 3-6 months worth sacrificing daily beach time and the cheap groceries that I can find in Asia and Africa?
I haven’t really decided yet.
I feel very embarrassed admitting this, but I really want to take 6 months and focus on my social skills. I’ve actually become way less socially retarded since coming back to America. I’m very good at pretending to be normal. Well, at least not awkward. But it’s still not enough.
In fact, if money was no object, I’d move to Vegas for 6 months and spend 6 months in an RSD immersion pickup program.
Just totally sacrifice my ego and go out every night trying to pick up girls.
And it’s not even really for the sex, you know? It’s not to find a wife or start a family, either.
It’s really to just conquer that fear that all of us have. The one that’s been hammered into us since we’re little kids.
“Don’t talk to strangers.”
I guess it makes sense when you’re a little kid so you don’t get thrown into the pedophile’s “ice cream” van. But when you’re an adult it just serves to keep your ego in its little box.
Nice and safe. And miserable.
I even considered taking an internship at a big pickup company in LA. But… I hate LA. I just don’t like the city. I’m from there. Too many triggers, too much nostalgia. Too many people from my old high school lurking around, ready to pop out and laugh at me for not being as cool as they were 15 years ago.
Totally logical.
Maybe I’ll just go back to Thailand.

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