I believe the kids these days call it “guala”

One of the best things about selling drugs is that you always have massive amounts of cash on you at all times. There’s something special about holding $1000 in cash vs a bank card with $1000 in the account.
The cash just makes you feel like a powerful person. The bank card makes you feel like a pudgy wage slave.
I remember when I got relatively deep in the game, I would find $50 and $100 in my pocket that I had no idea how they got there.
I had enough money to do as much drugs as I wanted AND eat at restaurants AND buy whatever random shit I wanted to when I was out.
But the best thing about selling drugs wasn’t the money. It wasn’t even the social proof that you get from being “the dealer” whose ass people kiss because they want something from you.
It was the background confidence that you feel because you know that 24 hours a day, people will be calling you so they can give you money.
It’s the ultimate side gig. You buy it for $1, and sell it for $10. And you don’t even really have to market yourself beyond just telling a few people.
I never had times where I couldn’t get rid of anything I’d bought.
All you have to do is make sure you don’t get caught. I had a big of a problem with that.
I mean, I was young and stupid at the time. And not nearly as paranoid as I should have been.
I probably shouldn’t say this, but every once in a while the idea pops into my head about doing it again. And I don’t even use drugs anymore. Illegal ones, at least.
But that shit’s just not worth it, you know? Not worth the consequences, the headache, or the money.
And besides – if I want to feel cool, I can just go to the ATM and pull out some money. Maybe I should think of another thing that people can call me for to buy from me.

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