“I wanna be a supermodel”

Every once in a while I’ll get some flak for how I talk about women on my Instagram page. Just the other day when my friend and I were in Jerusalem, I ran into a girl that I had met a few weeks prior.
We’d had a good conversation and exchanged IGs. She ghosted me soon after and when we ran into each other it was the first time we’d seen each other since.
Eventually she told me why.
“I didn’t like how you OBJECTIFY women on your Instagram…”
I always think it’s so funny how people will say I objectify women. What does that even mean? How I talk about their bodies? That is all of a sudden objectifying them?
If some girl talks about how a guy has a nice body, is that objectifying him?
Do I give a shit?
Am I going to cry about how she doesn’t care about how he’s a real person and not just a set of abs?
Who the fuck cares?
Get over yourself. Jesus.
The fact is that women have been objectifying themselves since the beginning of time. Today is no different.
Every piece of clothing, every accessory, every batch of chemicals they put on their face as “makeup” is just designed to make themselves look less like a human being and more like an object. Whether they do it for themselves or for women or for men is irrelevant.
Honestly, I wish men could do the same thing. But no, we have to be good at shit. Rare that we can just have a nice body and have women falling over themselves to make our lives easier.

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