It’s not your fault you’re fat. Oh wait, yes it is

Do you know why it’s hard for you to lose weight? Because it’s just not important enough to you. Sorry not sorry.
Feel like I’ve said this 1000 times – but if I put a gun to your head and told you that if you ate any food in the next 3 days, I’d kill you and your entire family, would you eat?
And statistically speaking, you’re probably carrying enough fat stores to survive for a few day without eating.
So then why can’t you lose weight?
The answer may shock you.
Because you’re eating too much, you dumb fuck.
Stop fucking eating. Go to the goddamn gym. Play a sport.
There’s no magic pill or formula or diet that will give you the body you want.
Just stop fucking eating. If you’re fat, stop fucking eating.
I mean look, if you’re heavy and don’t care about being heavy, then eat as much as you want. Go nuts.
I fucking love eating. In fact, sometimes I’ll binge hard and eat so much unhealthy shit that my stomach hurts. And then I’ll eat some more.
But then I won’t eat anything for 3 days. And all that weight that I gained completely disappears.
“Oh but that’s not healthy Mr Gorky Hollywood! Your metabolism will be fucked for life! You’ll never recover!”
Jesus Christ… that’s got to be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Do you think your metabolism is like a car engine that when it breaks, it can’t be repaired?
Stop looking for the easy way out. Stop listening to what the mainstream media tell you about 3-5 small meals a day.
But more than that, you need to put yourself in situations where your current body embarrasses the fuck out of you.
I’m at like 9% bodyfat right now, but I’m the most self-conscious person on the beach at any time. And that’s what pushes me to do this extreme shit. In a healthy way, of course.
Except for the cocaine.

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