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Got something a little different today for you losers.

I’ll take pity on you goldfish-brained microtransaction-loving low-attention-span-having nutrient-deprived head-injury victims and give you a nice little table of contents to keep you from losing focus and barking at the mailman.

  1. Slangin them shovels
  2. Today’s writers, tomorrow’s editors
  3. The Dropshipper’s Starter Pack
  4. “And that’s not all…”
  5. I’m gonna miss my comfort zone
  7. The @YallaPapi Crypto World Tour

Slangin them shovels

So as I mentioned in my last post, I’m working with Steemit user @tibra to create something very cool built on the Steem blockchain. Our platform – dubbed “DMonoid” – will allow users to create ICOs/Dapps that are built on Steem – complete with their own unique tokens.

The idea is to allow users the opportunity to create their own tokens based on Steem, similar to how Ethereum has ERC tokens. These tokens will be used to interact with whatever sidechain has been built by the developer as a utility token.

Our software will allow you to create “double consensus” tokens. Who holds which token is determined by Steem blockchain consensus. And the rate of inflation and token creation is determined by consensus of token holders.

Confused yet?

For example, let’s say a user wants to create a Netflix-type service where users upload large files and charge a monthly subscription for unlimited viewing. They build their platform of choice with our front end and take payment using their newly-created token. That’s obviously an oversimplified version of what we’re trying to do, but you get the idea.

Yes, this appears similar to the official SMTs. But a little competition never hurt anybody. And our platform will be easier to use and focus on challenging but important variety of uses. Not just ICOs (which is what it looks like the Steemit team is focusing on).

We’ll allow birthing file systems. Making files private or monetizing their pieces. Commands to archived software living on the chain. Allow users to cook their own helpful AI. Fun stuff. – @tibra

Our team is growing. We’re all working for a split in a fixed percentage of platform SBD/Steem reward as a beneficiary. The ultimate goal is to get a MVP/demo up and running ASAP and then get a little VC money to create something more robust.

From there, the idea is to allow the rapid creation of specialized sidechains. The plan is to “Steemify” already-successful businesses such as Tinder, Netflix, Scribd, etc. In addition to improving user experience, we’ll also make these businesses convenient and trustless.

This is all per @tibra, so if you have specific questions about any of the technical stuff I just wrote, leave a comment and I’ll direct him here to respond to you.

It’s a bit too much to explain in this introduction, but I’ll post a more detailed description in the next week or so.

We need more developers (preferably JavaScript). If you want in, leave me a comment or email me at yalla.papi@gmail.com

Today’s writers, tomorrow’s editors

Second, I am looking for additional writers for @omniloquent. Our Steemit account is posting 4-5 times per day and payouts are slowly growing. Not where we’d like them just yet, but it’s only been a few weeks.

If you’d like to contribute, you can submit articles about whatever you want as long as they have something to do with crypto/finance/money. If you’d rather rewrite articles, I can send you topics/rough articles around certain topics that I want rewritten.

The payout is the same for writers and rewriters: 40% of the SBD payout.

We’ve also created an accompanying website to maximize our reach. All articles are now posted first to Profit Tribes and then ported to @omniloquent via the SteemPress plugin. For those of you who don’t know, SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that automatically posts content from your WordPress blog to your Steemit account.

Also interesting to note is that @steempress-io received a one million SP delegation and will be using it to upvote posts that utilize their plugin to encourage greater adoption a la @dTube and @Utopian.

The idea is to obviously work out some kind of arrangement where they act as the whale that I was looking for in my original plan for @omniloquent. Users submit content, we post it to our account (and now website), the whale upvotes the post and profits are split between the original author, the editor and any marketing partners at 40/40/20, respectively. You can read more about my initial concept here.

Interestingly enough, @steempress-io already upvoted one of @omniloquent‘s posts with a modest $5 upvote. Not going to make anyone rich, but it’s a start.

(NOTE: Three more posts have received an upvote of varying value. Check out the @omniloquent page to see the details.)

As far as the publication is concerned, ideally we’d be able to make a reasonable shift from crypto into traditional finance, aka stocks and bonds. There is big big big money in there, as actual banks and hedge funds will compete to place ads on your site if you have enough traffic.

So if you’re thinking of submitting an article, I’d prefer that you write about Apple’s recent earnings call instead of why you think BumbleBee Coin is going to the moon by 2020.

All writers and contributors who provide a minimum amount of articles will eventually be given the opportunity to run their own Omniloquent magazine, much like how @flashfiction is running the current one now. We’ll come up with exact numbers once we gauge the response, but figure it’ll take around 3-6 months as a writer/rewriter before you get bumped up.

Of course, if you come to me with a proper pitch (i.e. an idea, a team, and an offer) then I’m open to partnering on something sooner rather than later.

Perhaps less important is that the @omniloquent signature at the bottom of all posts looks like shit. So if you think you can make a better one that looks snazzy and contains links to our Discord group and other media, you’re welcome to submit it to me. I’ll pay for this as well, so send me designs and a quote and maybe we can work something out.

My contact info:

Email: yalla.papi@gmail.com
Telegram: @goldenkingmidas
Discord: yallapapi#1970

To become a writer/rewriter for @omniloquent, contact @flashfiction on Steemit or at his email: editor@storyhackers.club.

The Dropshipper’s Starter Pack

I’ve mentioned before that when I originally came to Asia, my plan was to support myself from the income of a few dropshipping sites. While I was working in Australia, I focused on growing niche Instagram accounts like this one. My idea was to connect the IG pages to dropshipping sites as a way to monetize them.

Before I was able to gather any steam, I got into ICO marketing. While I still update the Instagram pages regularly, I don’t give any love to the dropshipping stores.

So what I’d like to do is find someone or a few people who are looking to take them off my hands. You’re welcome to make me an offer if you want to buy them, but I was thinking we could partner up. You push traffic to the sites and we split the profit from any sales that come in.

I’d preferably work with someone who has some experience with dropshipping or eCommerce, but if you’ve got the right hustle then I’m happy to make an exception.

“And that’s not all…”

Those of you who read my posts probably know that I’ve had a strange life. I grew up in LA and eventually moved to Israel to join the IDF. After a few years in the military, I spent 7 more traveling the world to work as a high-pressure salesman in mall kiosks selling beauty products with Israelis.

I figured that a lot of these experiences would make good stories, so a while ago I had the presence of mind to write them down. This book is 5 very long stories that explain in bloody detail all of the good, bad and ugly things that I went through to get to where I am today. Those of you who know me know that I do not whitewash anything.

These stories were written about two years ago, so my writing style has changed slightly since then. But the tone is essentially the same and the work is very entertaining if I do say so myself.

I’m giving away the book for free in exchange for signing up for my mailing list. I know you probably are signed up to a million lists already, but this is me we’re talking about here. To date, I’ve only sent one email in the three months that I’ve had the list set up, and that was just a few weeks ago to give previous subscribers a download link for the book.

If you like my writing style and want to read more, be sure to sign up and download it. It’s 55k+ words long, which amounts to about 120 pages in a PDF. My posts are 2000-3000 words on average, with the occasional 5000 word one. It should keep you busy for a while.

Sign up here and get your new favorite book.

I’m gonna miss my comfort zone

I watched an interesting video by Gary Vaynerchuck where he speaks to a group of people about growing their brand on social media. The video is great and definitely worth a watch, but one of the things that stuck in my mind is that he stresses that in order to “make it” on social media, you need to be active on at least 7 different social media platforms.

That concept has bothered me ever since watching the video because I’m not active on anywhere near 7 platforms. I have this Steemit blog, my Instagram page, and… that’s pretty much it. I guess we could count the Discord channel too.

The way I see it, I currently create content through 2 mediums – visual (Instagram), and text (this blog). I feel like video is the final frontier, but also the most intimidating.

Honestly, I really don’t want to start making fucking videos of myself talking to the camera. I don’t even like looking at myself in the mirror, so now I’m supposed to spend multiple hours editing videos of myself? Bleh.

Still, it needs to be done. And the longer I put it off, the harder it’s going to get.

The real issue is that I don’t know what to make the videos about.

Two or so years ago when I was living in LA, I thought I would make a go of it as a vlogger. I managed to publish a daily vlog on YouTube every day for 30 days. And while I consciously recognized that there were benefits to vlogging, I eventually quit making videos. Every once in a while I’ll get some random comment on them, but for all intents and purposes I want to let that channel die. They are the definition of cringeworthy.

I want to make a new channel. About what, I have no idea. What is this blog even about? What niche would you put me in? Motivation? Business? Self improvement? Crypto? Marketing? Travel? A personal blog?

Hard to say really. Any time I’ve tried to make a niche-specific account I always get sick of it eventually. The one exception is all these Instagram pages that I manage, but even then I have some tools in place that allow me to automate a lot of the boring shit.

Anyway, I’m taking suggestions on what I should make these videos about. I’d like to upload something every day with minimal editing required, at least in the beginning. I’m really stumped here as to what I should make them about.

What do you guys think? Let me know in a comment.


So I am a huge fan of the /fit board on 4chan. The rest of the site is kind of garbage, but the /fit board at least has some borderline normal people in it. A lot of the conversations on there are about typical guy stuff: sex, exercise, getting your shit together, etc. Most of the other boards on 4chan are shit. This one is also shit, but most of the other ones are too.

Anyway, I was browsing there this morning and saw that someone had made an open offer to join their Habitica group. I had no idea what Habitica was, but the user had uploaded an 8-bit-esque pixel art image that reminded me of old school NES RPGs.

I did some Googling, and it looks like the game is a free app that helps gamify your life. You set goals and create habits for yourself so that when you complete them, your character levels up. Not just that, but there’s a lot of RPG elements to it as well like buying armor/weapons, fighting monsters, etc.

I love shit like this, so I made a group. If you want to join, sign up for the app, drop your code in a comment and I’ll add you.

The @YallaPapi Crypto World Tour

On Friday I’ll be flying to Bangkok for a few weeks before heading back to LA for a month to visit my family. I’ll have been gone for almost a year and a half, so it will be good to see everyone.

I haven’t been back since I’ve been involved in the crypto world, so if any of you are in LA or Bangkok and know someone who works in the industry that I should meet, please let me know. And even though I’m an antisocial closet case, I’d love to grab a beer and talk shit about other well-known Steemit users. Drop me a line if that sounds good to you.

In mid July I’ll be heading to Israel to spend the rest of the summer in Tel Aviv. Living in Tel Aviv in the summertime is the closest you can get to heaven on earth. Beautiful women everywhere, nice beaches, amazing food and nightlife so good that even full blown autists like myself can enjoy themselves.

Any Israelis on here who are into blockchain stuff? Dabru iti.

Once the summer is over, I’ll have a few months to kill while I wait out the monsoon season in Thailand. From roughly September – November I’ll be looking for a non-freezing part of the world to work from.

I was thinking Cape Town, but if any of you have any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.

So the schedule looks like this:

Early June: Bangkok
Mid June – mid July: Los Angeles
Mid July – early September: Tel Aviv
Early September – mid November: ???
Mid November – April: Thailand (probably Koh Phangan this time around)

If you work in crypto and/or know anyone I should meet in these areas, feel free to get in touch and we can set up a time.

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