Microdosing Day 8: Bitch Lasagna

It’s so strange how much of our mood is based on the foods we eat. Maybe that’s why I have such crazy moodswings sometimes.

Today I went to go eat Indian buffet with my friend Billy. I didn’t even eat that much, but I knew it wasn’t healthy. I mean it was alright – rice, curry, some naan. Not like I was pounding burgers and fries.

But as I was eating it, I knew I shouldn’t. It’s just hard when eating is a social activity and not just a way to sustain yourself.

I actually realized this food thing a few hours ago. I was thinking about how crap I felt and how it was from the food and it made me think that I should come up with some rules about how I should live my life. The only one I can think of right now is:

No food before 6 PM.

Or if I wake up late, no food until I’ve been awake for at least 11 hours.

May sound extreme to some of you and I don’t really feel like explaining why it’s an amazing way to live your life. Just take my word for it.

Tomorrow I’m fasting. I’m disgusted with myself.

One thing that I’ll say this LSD microdosing shit does to me is that it makes it very easy to make decisions about changing your life. Well, I don’t know if it makes it “easy” per se, but it definitely makes you more likely to make a decision.

So yesterday I mentioned how I would take the MK-677 today. I did that and didn’t notice much fatigue during the day. But at around 6PM when I was going through some of the SCBP 2.0 modules (watching videos), I felt my eyelids droop. I could have fallen asleep no problem, which is strange because the past week it feels like I’ve been lit up like a Christmas tree.

So it did make me a bit more tired. And maybe I did have a slightly larger appetite than usual today, but I don’t think so. My Indian food lunch filled me up and I only had one plate of food. I didn’t even eat dinner, just went to Trader Joe’s and bought a package of crackers.

Probably seems like an exaggeration to complain about eating shitty food, but the day before I had grass fed beef, pasture-raised eggs and natural peanut butter. And today I ate old curry and rice. Gross.

I love Indian food though, just not shitty buffet vegetarian Indian food.

Whatever. I’m done with being a social eater. That shit is literally never worth it. And my six pack is slowly disappearing as I go full bear-mode. Ms Positive is coming December 2nd and I need to get myself together before she gets here.

I’ve briefly considered going in the opposite direction and being a needy fat pasty white pale piece of depressed shit and scaring her away for good. And while that would certainly simplify my life, my ego and reputation wouldn’t appreciate it. Let’s see if I can hold onto the summer through November.

Anyway, I don’t feel like writing. Bye.

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