Play your cards right

Every time I browse a dating app or Instagram, I see tons of overtly sexual pictures of women strutting their stuff like this young lady here.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but one thing that set me off for some reason is the captions or descriptions that often go with the posts.

They have absolutely nothing to do with the picture itself.

I realize that’s probably a little ironic considering that I kind of do the same thing with my page, but I feel like mine are at least loosely connected.

Mainly what I see when girls post sexy pics is that they’ll write some completely unrelated comment on there that has nothing to do with anything.

It’s like, we know you’re just posting this pic to get some attention from thirsty internet boys, but what’s the point of writing a total nonsequitur instead of saying what you actually want to say?

It’s a combination of the low-effort duplicity and shallowness that leads to the frustration. When I see shit like this (and I assume other men think this as well), we just think that women are total airheads who have absolutely nothing to say and just want to post sexy pictures of themselves for validation.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. You gotta work with what you have and if I looked like this chick I’d be an idiot not to milk it as much as possible.

I just feel like there’s so much wasted potential there to actually deliver a message that might lead to some sort of gain other than a quick dopamine hit.
This is also why I don’t bother reading any profiles on dating apps. 100% guarantee that there’s literally 0 valuable information in there because the content is likely just a placeholder for pictures that show that the girl is sexually available.

All that said, the original comment on this post is actually somewhat personal and talks about some family issues. So while it’s not of the vapid “live your best life” variety, it’s tagged with an “untouchable” virtue signalling sob story that simultaneously encourages sympathy-compliments while preventing any potential criticism of wearing a few grams of fishing line to cover your naughty parts.

Finally, DAMN look at that fuckin body 🔥


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