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When I got out of the army, I didn’t give a shit about money. I was living the life in Tel Aviv: beach, girls, hash and lots of shawarma.

As long as I had enough money for those four things, I was satisfied with my existence.

Even though it sounds great, it eventually started to get old. So I started my 7 year odyssey of selling hair straighteners/curlers around the world.

One of the interesting things that happened to me over that period was that I found myself overly concerned with brands. Not necessarily about the quality of one brand over another, but of the emotional response a certain brand elicits from people when they recognize it.

When your job is to stand at a kiosk and stop women to sell them something, you learn to size people up very quickly.

Sure, in the beginning you can waste your time trying to sell to Indians, but once you get good you want to go for the women who have money.

So you learn the difference between “fashion” and “luxury fashion” brands.

And even though you know it’s bullshit, you can’t help but feel like a boss when you’re wearing $200 sunglasses.

Or a $150 t-shirt.

You walk around knowing people see that little brand insignia and have their own emotional reaction.

That’s why people get so out of control with fashion. There’s always something new coming out and you can’t be like Marge Simpson with the Chanel dress.

  • 100% cotton (deep heather is 52% cotton/48% polyester and marble colors are 91% polyester/9% cotton) | Fabric weight: 4.2 oz (lightweight)
  • Reinforced shoulder and side seam construction retains shape and elasticity, comfort and support
  • Double-stitched sleeves and waist
  • Ribbed v-neck collar
  • Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.
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