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“Pick up artists” are not portrayed well by the media. They’re implied to be sleazy, manipulative people who will stop at nothing to get into a girl’s pants.

Kind of like how salesmen will be slimeballs in order to get your money.

But anyone who has ever done business with an amazing salesman knows that it’s a pleasure to buy from them, even if you went into the pitch unexpectedly (or had reservations initially about making the purchase).

Pickup is like sales, but harder.

With sales, you can always blame someone else if you fail. The products you’re selling are no good, they’re too expensive, the leads are no good, etc.

With pickup, it’s more personal.

I was watching an interesting video the other day from a famous PUA who was talking about pickup as a form of improving yourself.

He said that once you start to try to make yourself a better person, you will never be attracted to anyone ever again. You’ll start looking down on them for wasting time in front of the television, their lack of creative pursuits, and how unmotivated they seem to be about everything.

This is exactly what I’ve been experiencing over the past year or so.

According to this guy, the solution is to mentally adopt a role of bringing them up to your level.

Not in a patronizing way though, like “oh I’m better than you let me show you how it’s done.”

But more like you’re thinking of adopting them.

Some people may latch onto that and say it’s inappropriate – “why can’t we just be equals?”

Because we’re not equal. Most of you are not gunning for enlightenment.

Those of you who are, don’t be angry at them for losing the competition.

Extend your hand and bring them up to your level.

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