Rich people are people too

The past month or so I’ve made some new friends that come from a world that I have no experience with: rich people.
Okay, I’m not hanging out with billionaires and shit, but for example last night… actually wait, there was a billionaire at this party I went to last night. So I take that back.
Real estate big shots, professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs.. these are the people I’m having conversations with these days. Whereas a few months ago it was smelly European backpackers.
I’m obviously very lucky to have made the right friends as I put absolutely no effort into looking for these people, but because this lottery ticket was thrust into my hand, I was totally unprepared for it.
I resisted it at first because I was insecure. I had a running dialogue in my head that kept saying, “These people know that you’re not like them and they’re judging you.”
After my brain stopped sperging out I realized that these people are actually just like you and me. Sure, maybe there’s a few beliefs that they have that have enabled them to generate currency units more efficiently than the rest of us.
But at the end of the day, they’re human beings with all the same needs, desires and fears that we all have.
Once I realized that, I was able to relax. Aside from different topics of conversation, hanging out with these people wasn’t any different than hanging out with smelly backpackers.

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