They like me, they really like me!

During my years in sales, I talked to hundreds of different people per week and tens of thousands of different ones per year.
Most of them fell into the same set of categories.
Granted, you probably don’t get a wide enough slice of humanity from working in a shopping mall, but at least when it comes to women I feel like I’ve got a fair assessment of diffrent personality types.
Anyway, the point is that when you meet someone, it’s fairly easy to put them into a few categories and get an idea of who they are.
You’re even pretty sure that you can predict what they’re going to do based on the categories they’re in.
I do this, you do this. We all do this.
But one thing I’ve started to do lately is try and intentionally surprise people who think they’ve got me pegged as a certain type of person. Just to shock them.
I actually have inadvertently been doing this for years. People always tell me: “I just can’t figure you out.”
I can’t even figure myself out, so I don’t blame them.
The secret is to just say what you feel at any given time and frame it as a permanent opinion. They call this “temporary truth.”
People are so caught up in something being true for eternity, that they don’t know how to comprehend this.
But once you understand that we all have temporary truths based on how we feel in a given moment, it adds a sense of fluidity and impermanence to human interaction that makes you realize it’s all just a big joke.

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