Who’s a good boy?

I’ve seen so many videos of dogs playing with dangerous animals that I’m starting to think that they might be onto something.

Bears, tigers, lions… all of them love dogs. All of these animals they tell us are dangerous, that would rip us to pieces in seconds, seem to have a great time jumping around like idiots with man’s best friend.

I think this comes down to two things that dogs do right.

The first one is fairly obvious – dogs are always friendly and happy to see you. The excitement is evident on their face any time they see their owner or someone they like.

Even after being gone for just a few hours, dogs lose their minds when you come home. They have absolutely no shame when asking for affection.

As a dog person, I think that’s so refreshing because human interactions always seem to come with a price tag. There’s always an unstated power struggle, especially when affection is involved.

But you can hug and kiss a dog as much as you want and not have to worry about them getting bored and dumping you after you’ve emotionally invested in them.

The second thing is that they “lead with their nose.” I’m not saying they use their sense of smell to check things out – they literally stick their faces into faces of other animals, completely invading their personal space.

But because they do it in a good-natured way, none of the other animals seem to care once they get over the initial shock. They understand that the dog is just a friendly, curious creature that gives everything an honest chance. And that openness instantly charms them into acting like a friendly goofball. Just like the dog.


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