“You have fat arms”

Growing up I was a bit pudgy. Never really played any sports that required me to run very far and I was a big fan of vidya.

This wasn’t much of a problem until I got to high school. Having come from small private schools, my public high school was a massive 3000 student shitshow with kids from all over the city.

Roughly half of them were girls.

Compare this to my previous school that had 16 kids in my grade.

Anyway, there was this one young lady who was very sweet and obviously had a crush on me. had a PE class together and were sitting around one day in the late spring. It was very hot, so I decided to roll the sleeves up on my shirt to keep myself cool.

I was lying down on the ground and spread my arms out in a T pose. I was looking up at the sky and hear this girl say:

“You have fat arms.”

She didn’t even say it in a mean way, it was just like one of those casual observations that people make about each other. But to hear it from this girl, someone who I thought that I could do no wrong in their eyes, that hurt for some reason.

I went home that day and became obsessed with fitness. Told my mom I wanted to join a gym and start working out. Joined the football team. Basically made the decision that I didn’t want to hear people say I was unattractive anymore.

Sounds pretty shallow, I know.

I remember reading Arnold’s @Schwarzenegger‘s book Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding not long after that (my mom had it lying around), and one quote stuck with me. It was something like:

“The more physically impressive you look, the more seriously people take you.”

That quote stuck with me as well. And while I generally don’t train for size like a bodybuilder, I’ve noticed that the more muscle I put on, the better initial response I get from people anywhere I go.

Men are more respectful and women are more friendly.

Yeah yeah health is important and all that. But if working out didn’t make you look better and only made you healthier, how many people do you think would do it?

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