You’re not somebody until people are wearing your T-shirts

You know what I need in my life? A clothing line.

It always cracks me up when people say they have their own clothing line. It’s like bro, no you don’t. You have some designs on a piece of paper and maybe had a conversation with some factory in China.

That’s not a clothing line.

I’ll tell you what else isn’t a clothing line: making custom clothing and reselling it at a profit.

Oh wait, maybe I’m wrong.

After being on the computer all day working on shit yesterday, I had to get out of the house.

I took a walk down to Lafayette st, which is like one of the main big streets that runs through Manhattan. Tons of people everywhere, stores, hot dog carts – the works.

Anyway, they had a few pop up shops selling all kinds of unique shit. I posted some of it in my story yesterday.

But I took a look at some of the shoes they had there. This Yeezy and Supreme business, Jesus Christ what a fucking hustle.
$120 for a T-shirt? Unbelievable.

$500 for a pair of sneakers? The fuck?

Some guy was even selling “hand painted” clothes. Basically spilled a bunch of paint on clothes he probably got from the Salvation Army and put a $150 price tag on it.

I looked at this shit and thought, “I can do better than this.”

So every day for the next 30 days, I’m going to be creating a new item in my brand new clothing line. At the end of the 30 days I’m going to pick a name for the brand.

Is this a sign that I have too much time on my hands? Maybe.

But will it keep my creative juices flowing? Definitely.

I’ll put a link up tomorrow where you guys can buy one of these masterpieces if you want. But today, I want to promote my latest blog article about moving to New York.
3000ish words. Should keep you busy for a bit.

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